In August of this year (2023) love blossomed when The Bromley Court Hotel hosted the wedding of two fabulous brides; Holly & Samantha. 

Working closely with the couple, The Bromley Court Hotel brought their dream wedding to life. Read all about how Holly and Samantha's love story blossomed, below....

The Bromley Court Hotel chatted with Holly & Samantha who were pleased to answer a few questions and share their story with us....


How you met & How did you do your proposal and where it was?

"We met through a mutual friend at a birthday get together in 2018. We were friends for a while before we got together. I proposed to Sam in Brighton on 1st October 2022. I booked us a hotel and took her to dinner, I proposed very awkwardly in the restaurant".

What made you choose the Bromley Court Hotel?

"We had a list of criteria we wanted to fulfil. We wanted the venue to be located fairly local for our guests, to be big enough for everyone to be comfortable in, we wanted it to look like the sort of place you get married in and we wanted it to have enough room for everyone to stay if they wanted. We had a little look at a couple of places and when we came to see the Bromley Court it ticked every box. Everyone was also really helpful and polite, you gave us all the info we needed up front, everything was just really fluid and felt very relaxed and under control. We definitely picked the perfect place".


holly and samantha two brides lgbtq wedding


What were your highlights from your wedding?

"Everything! The set up for each part of the whole day was perfect, it looked great, the food was great, the team working with us on the day we're perfect. I can't really pick out one thing. You all made the whole day just wonderful and really stress free. We get complimented on how good it was all the time".

Why did you go for a blue theme?

"Before we got engaged Sam let me know often she was ready to. She had many conversations around me and hypothetically with me about how our wedding might be. I joked it should be a football themed wedding and our invites should be tickets. After we did get engaged she agreed. We are both big football lovers and season ticket holders, it plays a bit part in a lot of our lives together so we agreed we would go with the theme. Luckily we both support teams in blue and white. So that was our colour scheme".


the bromley court hotel gay friendly wedding venue ceremony room    holly and samantha lgbtq wedding breakfast setup









 What did you think about your wedding meal?

"The wedding meal was perfect. It tasted so good and the portions were perfect. Everyone was catered for really well. We're also really grateful for the attentiveness everyone offered to some guests who had quite particular needs as well".

Any advice for future couples?

"Weddings are stressful so having a team around who know what they're doing is definitely worth it, take their advice and don't panic. And if you get to the day and you hadn't thought about it until then, don't panic, you don't need it".

samantha and holly same sex wedding couple 

Any suppliers you would recommend?

"4yaParty! I highly recommend Mercedes for all of your events and occasions. She was so good and just like everyone else we worked with, she made everything so easy. Everything looked beautiful and we will definitely be using her for future events".

 samantha and holly same sex wedding first dance at the bromley court hotel


What advantages did you find from having your whole day in one venue?

"It made everything easy, for us and our guests. It meant we didn't have to travel between venues, we had one fantastic team to work with, we didn't have to worry about how to get people from one place to another. It definitely took potential stress away from the day and left everyone to enjoy it"

How did you find dealing with the venue?

"Brilliant. Everyone we worked with was calm, friendly and helpful. Everyone worked so hard to help us get everything spot on and put up with many phone calls and emails from us. The team took everything in their stride and did an immaculate job of performing transformation magic tricks. 10/10 would highly recommend".

  the bromley court hotel lgbtq friendly hotel

Credit & thanks to The Bromey Court Hotel for supplying this feature

Inclusivity & Love

Knowing the significance of inclusivity and how it contributes to creating a more welcoming wedding industry, The Bromley Court have been featuring with Pink Wedding Venues for over 4 years and are proud of their dedication to create personalised and magical wedding days. We love having them as part of our Pink Wedding Venues Family!

Pink Wedding Venues, would like to say a huge thank-you to both The Bromley Court Hotel and to Holly & Samantha for sharing their wedding story with us and, we wish Holly & Samantha all the happiness in the world for the rest of their story together..... xx


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Holly and Samantha recommended Mercedes at 4yaParty as a great supplier to work with. We've looked at the website and looks fabulous! HERE IT IS ~ 4yaParty Wedding & Events


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