For hundreds of years, Castles have appeared in fairy tale stories, films, television programmes, documentaries and have always been associated with Royal Families, but each Castle is unique in its own special way, and no two Castles in the world are the same.

It’s true that Castles were originally built for fortification and also hosted lavish celebrations and parties, but as time has moved on, these historic venues across the world have been modernised and updated to cater for and appeal to new generations.

We’ve taken your questions about choosing a Castle Wedding Venue and directed them at the Specialist Wedding Planning Team at Farnham Castle, an absolutely incredible Castle Wedding Venue perfectly located in Surrey just an hour from London, offering spacious ceremony and reception rooms, fantastic grounds and plenty of overnight accommodation on-site!


Farnham Castle Photgraphy BY VICKI                                                                                                                                         Image credit:  Photography By Vicki

Question 1: Do we have to have a grand wedding to get married in a Castle?

Answer: No – Which is why we highly recommend visiting different styles of wedding venue, because you may be extremely surprised. Although Castle venues may appear grand and large from the outside, specialist planning teams completely understand the flow of a wedding celebration, and will dedicate the perfect rooms at the venue for your ceremony and reception to take place. The grandest and largest of venues often have a choice of intimate rooms and the flexibility for you to choose your favourites. The team will advise you on the best number of guests suitable for the venue, and they should be able to show you images and videos of previous weddings, to give you the best idea of how your day could potentially look. 


Farnham Castle Wedding Reception    Farnham Castle Great Hall







Question 2: How far in advance should we book a Castle Wedding Venue?

Answer: As with all wedding venues, premium dates tend to be snapped up first, such as Saturdays and dates taking place across the summer or high season. Venues tend to offer a varied venue hire rate, depending on the month or day of the week you choose to get married, so it’s always best to plan your wedding budget in the first instance, and then ask venues for quotes based on your preferred wedding date and guest numbers before you plan your shortlist of venue visits.


Question 3: Will a Castle Wedding Venue provide us with incredible wedding photography?

Answer: Absolutely! Aside from their history and character, Castle Wedding Venues will offer features, grounds and architecture like you’ve never seen before. Farnham Castle, for example, sits in front of a magnificent Norman Keep which offers one of the most spectacular views across Farnham. The Keep Walls are a statement feature on the East Lawn of Farnham Castle and provide the ultimate backdrop for picture-perfect wedding day photography.


Farnham Castle 2 Photography BY VICKI

                                                                                                                                                                    Image credit:  Photography By Vicki

Question 4: Can we hold our ceremony at a Castle Venue?

Answer: Every Castle Wedding Venue will offer something different, but there’s absolutely no doubt that getting married inside a Castle Wedding Venue will provide you with some unforgettable memories in the most unique setting. No two Castles in the UK are the same, so you’d certainly be inviting your guests to a special and exciting venue. The team at the Castle will be able to share with you the different areas that are licenced to hold your wedding. Here at Farnham Castle for example, we have a number of locations to make your vows; from our bright Lantern Hall to a more intimate ceremony in The Winchester Suite or The Library, or a much larger ceremony in our Great Hall, or indeed, an outdoor ceremony in the beautiful gardens. The choice is yours!


Farnham Castle Lantern Hall


 Question 5: Do you have any unique ideas on how we can introduce an historic theme to our wedding day at a Castle Wedding Venue?

Answer: We love nothing more than creative couples who love to inject their own personalities, or something relating to their relationship, into their day. Farnham Castle was built by the grandson of William the Conqueror, and has been associated with the Bishops of Winchester for centuries. It has also been visited by virtually every English monarch and entourage since its early days, and we sometimes find that couples name their dining reception tables to reflect this history! Our Wedding Menus (Beaufort, Montague and Winchester) are also named after our Bishops, so it’s lovely to have the name of your menu printed at the top of your menu on your table.


Farnham Castle 3 Photography BY VICKI                                                                                                                                   Image credit:  Photography By Vicki 

We’re also privileged to have a flagpole at Farnham Castle, and the Cross of St George flies from this at the top of our Fox’s Tower. We love to invite couples to provide us with their own flag or family crest, so that we can raise it on their wedding day!



Castle Wedding Venues certainly offer something a little different, and we’d always encourage wedding planning couples to visit them in person.

Your love story can begin in one of the most historic venues in the UK – can you get more romantic that that?


Farnham Castle 1 Photography BY VICKI

                                                                                                                                                                                         Image credit:  Photography By Vicki

Click here to contact the team of Wedding Specialists at Farnham Castle to find out more and book in your show-round appointment.



The team at Pink Wedding Venues would like to say a huge "thank-you" to the lovely team at Farnham Castle for sharing this with us and answering your questions! - If you have more questions or would like to get in touch with the wedding team, please click here to contact them


Farnham Castle, in Surrey, have been featuring their stunning venue with Pink Wedding Venues for around 5 years now. We are thrilled to have them as part of our Pink Wedding Venues family. To see their full feature page with us, please click on the image below:-

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With many thanks and credit to:-


Farnham Castle, Surrey

Photography by Vicky as per credited images above


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