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Featuring your Wedding Venue with Pink Wedding Venues gives LGBTQ+ couples the assurance their enquiry will be welcomed with open arms....

"It's not really about advertising for us, it's more about customer confidence - we feel our listing with you could mean the difference between a same sex couple choosing us or going elsewhere because they're unsure whether they would be welcomed. It's a no brainer really!"                   ~ Donna Newman | Director | The Granary at Fawsley Wedding Venue

Ensure your venue is seen as totally inclusive to all couples and let us recommend you, as a Gay/LGBTQ+Friendly Wedding Venue, to our same-sex wedding couples across the UK.

Studies have shown that LGBTQ+ communities tend to favour gay-friendly businesses such as ours. Let’s make sure your venue is a business to be favoured too.

Unlike other wedding sites in the marketplace we don’t want to be a “one stop shop”. We believe one of the biggest investments a couple can make for their big day is their venue. It needs to be right for both the couple and their guests. We focus purely on LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venues, nothing else such as cakes, cars, photographers or Google Ads that may distract the user away from your page.

We have created a site that is dedicated to LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venues who would like to reach out to LGBTQ+ couples. If you consider yourselves gay-friendly, welcome same-sex marriage and can ensure our couples are met with the utmost welcome and respect from their enquiry, we would be delighted to feature your venue across our site, recommend and showcase it to our LGBTQ+ community.  


Nothing else...just amazing, inclusive, wedding venues such as yours!


Listen to what Kelly Mortimer, the Wedding Industry Expert, has to say about Pink Wedding Venues:- 


 We are so proud to be the ONLY LGBTQ+ focused Wedding Venues site in the UK, dedicated to promoting Gay/LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Venues to same-sex couples.


Let Oskar Gilchrist AKA ~ The Wedding Guru tell you why he thinks it's important to include our LGBTQ+ community in your marketing and communitcations and he gives Pink Wedding Venues his recommendations too! -  


And if you're still not sure, let us share a testimonial we received from one of our long featuring wedding venues which we couldn't have put better ourselves! - 

"We've been hosting weddings for 10 years and although we've always been open for ALL couples, we've found that this information isn't apparent to prospective couples looking for a venue, unless we tell them!

Our listing on Pink Wedding Venues provides the perfect platform for same sex couples to find us and know that they will be welcomed and celebrated with no awkwardness.

In addition to this, the advice from Elaine has been invaluable in ensuring that not only our listing, but also our website are inclusive.

We've been listed with Pink Wedding Venues for 3 ½  years and have seen a clear increase in bookings for same sex couples during that time.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pink Wedding Venues to other venues, it could be the difference between a couple choosing you or going elsewhere because they are unsure whether they will be welcomed" – Donna Newman | Director | The Granary at Fawsley


 We would absolutely LOVE to feature your Wedding Venue with us on Pink Wedding Venues too!   


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Alternatively, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be delighted to send further information on how you can feature your wedding venue with us! 

Don't just take our word for it....take a look at a few of our testimonials below our enquiry form... 

We look forward to welcoming your venue to our Pink Wedding Venues family soon! 


We'd love to hear from you! For more information please contact us either by: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling us on: 01444 390840 | 07857 206406 or by completing our enquiry form below: - 

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 Don't just take our word for it! -


"We love working with the team at Pink Wedding Venues and are delighted when we receive exciting enquiries through this platform. There’s no doubt that we will continue to renew our listing year on year as we’re continually delighted with the service and support that we receive from Elaine and her team." - Francesca Cribb, Head of Marketing, Farnham Castle, Surrey.


“As a venue (Nailcote Hall Hotel) we have been featured with Pink Wedding venues for a couple of years now, and feel it’s imperative to align your wedding venue with the same sex wedding market.  As I was personally planning my own same sex wedding, I found the question “do you allow gay weddings?” being asked by myself and husband to be far too many times. Featuring your venue on a site as well founded as Pink Wedding Venues, shows that you welcome all weddings, and can really help couples make that first step to coming and visiting you, and can help stop that question from having to be asked.” - Weddings Manager ~ Nailcote Hall Hotel, Warwickshire.


"In general, marketing for same-sex couple weddings is a vital step forward in the wedding industry. For Hilton St Anne’s Manor, we’ve already received enquires who have reached out to ask if we host same-sex weddings and I am happy to confirm that one of those couples is already putting a deposit down. We really admire Pink Wedding Venues because it’s clear that all venues listed are proactively reaching out to the LGBTQ+ wedding market and want to appeal to all. For us, marketing with Pink Wedding Venues is an important step forward to proactively show that we welcome all couples."  - Groups, Conference and Events Sales Manager ~ Hilton St Anne's Manor House, Berkshire.


"The Mandolay delights in our reputation as a truly inclusive venue and we are very proud to be listed on Pink Wedding Venues, the only directory focussing on gay friendly wedding venues. It has been our privilege to have hosted so very many same sex weddings and ceremonies, and we hope to host many more in the future." - The Mandolay Hotel, Surrey.


"It's hugely important for all venues to showcase same-sex couples in their marketing, and be as visible as possible for all kinds of couples. We're incredibly excited to be working with Pink Wedding Venues in helping couples find their dream venue." - The Wellbeing Farm Wedding & Events Venue, Lancashire. 


"The world is progressing positively which is fantastic news and wedding venues are quickly following suit. However, not every venue is suitable for a same-sex wedding so we feel it’s important to offer a location that’s LGBTQ+-friendly. Same-sex weddings have a few different options in how they proceed. They could hold a civil ceremony conducted by a registrar which is legally binding or another option is to hold a blessing. This is not legally binding but gives the couple an opportunity to celebrate their love with family & friends. Whichever option a couple chooses, they need a venue that is able to offer one or both of these options. We feel that is important to offer these ceremony choices to all couples and by using the right marketing avenues we can ensure that same-sex couples are aware of what we can them for their big day, may it be traditional or quirky. Feedback from our couples tells us there is limited information out there for the LGBTQ+ community so we want to ensure that we make it known that we are a suitable venue to celebrate that special day and this is why we have now chosen to advertise our venue on Pink Wedding Venues."The Barns at Hunsbury Hill, Northamptonshire


"Advertising with Pink Wedding Venues has been a great way to increase enquiries for same-sex weddings. I like that it focuses solely on wedding venues, providing a much more targeted audience without the distraction of numerous suppliers. As a venue that prioritises inclusivity, the team from Pink Wedding Venues are incredibly helpful with advice the best approach to marketing for same-sex couples." - Marketing Manager ~ Crowne Plaza Felbridge - Gatwick, West Sussex.


“We’re proud to be working with Pink Wedding Venues, and have done so for the past few years. They help us stand out in the same-sex wedding market and, as a venue, we are delighted to offer great packages for these weddings at Dorset’s most inclusive and accessible venue. Thank you to Elaine and her team at Pink Wedding Venues for your continued support of The Italian Villa.” – Justin Cohen, Commercial Manager, The Italian Villa, Dorset.


"It has been a pleasure to set up Skinners’ Hall on Pink Wedding Venues – the process was easy throughout and thank you to Elaine for guiding us through the process. We’re looking forward to the enquiries rolling in!"  – Skinners' Hall, London.


“Walton Castle is delighted to work with the amazing Pink Wedding Venues! We believe every wedding is unique and pride ourselves on accommodating our clients’ every requirement and budget! We are not a wedding factory. Together with Pink Wedding Venues we will make your wedding extraordinary!!! Pink Wedding Venues, thank you for bringing us some of the best couples we have ever worked with!!! Everybody deserves a happy ending”Walton Castle, Somerset.


“After attending an industry specific conference on weddings and listening to first-hand experience from same sex couples, we realised that we needed to do more in showing all couples that Highfield Park is a LGBTQ friendly venue. The most important part for us was deciding to feature on a LGBTQ friendly site. We chose Pink Wedding Venues as from our research they appeared to be the most well-known site with great references. We are delighted to now be a part of Pink Wedding Venues and the importance it has to our couples.”Highfield Park, Hampshire


“Why do I use Pink Wedding Venues? Well why wouldn’t I? Nowadays the wedding industry is bigger and better than it ever has been, and same sex weddings are a huge part of that. Pink Wedding Venues Helps us reach out to Same Sex Couples, and lets them know that here at Chicheley Hall, we welcome everyone with open arms!” – Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire.


“Here at Dodmoor House it fills us with joy when a couple books with us, excited they have found their dream wedding venue and trusting us to give them their best day ever. We believe that all couples should feel the same way when planning their wedding, happy, excited and full to the brim with love. Pink Wedding Venues allows us to target and advertise directly to same sex couples who are solely looking for their venue; a huge market which is ever expanding! We would recommend to all venues to tap into this market!” - Dodmoor House, Northamptonshire.


"Trunkwell House really enjoys working alongside Pink Wedding Venues to promote our venue. We feel it’s really important that same-sex couples get the same help and guidance when planning a wedding. The whole process of setting up or profile was quick and easy and we are already seeing the affects of using the website with an increase in new enquiries. Im so glad we found Elaine and her team to work with!" - Trunkwell House Hotel, Berkshire.


“It's really important for us, as a venue, to be as inclusive as possible in the promotion of our wedding business and we've always really liked Pink Wedding Venues' ethos when it comes to getting the word out there for like-minded businesses. They've always been great at communicating with us and as they've grown, we feel more confident that our business is getting itself out there to more and more potential customers.”The Forest Centre, Bedfordshire.


“We’re so proud to be working with Pink Wedding Venues to promote our stunning #GayFriendly venue! Get in touch today to see how we can create your dream wedding”Hollins Hall Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Bradford.


“We are so pleased to now be featured on Pink Wedding Venues the UK's ONLY directory focusing on gay-friendly wedding venues!” - Hadley Park House Hotel, Telford.


"We are proud to advertise on Pink Wedding Venues and feel it’s important to let same sex couples know that we welcome same sex weddings and civil partnerships at our hotel. The Pink Wedding Venues website is great as it’s the only site, in the UK which is dedicated to promoting Gay-Friendly Wedding Venues. Every wedding is important to us and we hope that working together with Pink Wedding Venues we will get more same sex couples celebrating their special day with us." - Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port ~ Cheshire Oaks, Cheshire.


“We are pleased to announce that we are featured on Pink Wedding Venues! A big thank you to them for Showcasing us.” - Lady Margaret Medieval Hall, Honiton.


“We are happy to announce that The Maynard has now been listed with Pink Wedding Venues! Everyone deserves to have their special day, we are excited to see what our partnership with Pink Wedding Venues will lead to.” - The Maynard, Derbyshire.


"We are delighted to be collaborating with Pink Wedding Venues to showcase our unique Alpine Style hotel to a broader audience. Here at The Coppid Beech Hotel, we fully understand the importance of making every couple feel welcome and at ease, especially at such an important & exciting moment in their lives." - The Coppid Beech Hotel, Berkshire.


"The London Museum of Water & Steam is open to all, and aims to be as inclusive as possible. As an industrial history museum, which can sometimes be perceived as stuffy, male only institutions, we are making every possible move to ensure that we are as welcoming as possible to all. By explicitly saying we are welcoming to LGBT couples, we hope that this makes people feel more comfortable in approaching us. Pink Wedding Venues is the ideal place for us to do this!" - The London Museum of Water & Steam, London.


"We are pleased to announce that Llechwen Hall Hotel is now featured on Pink Wedding Venues! As the wedding industry is growing we need to make sure we appeal to all couples! Pink Wedding Venues is the perfect place to showcase what we can do! We are looking forward to welcoming all new couples and working with Pink Wedding Venues." - Llechwen Hall Hotel, Mid Glamorgan.


"We’re delighted to partner with Pink Wedding Venues and to offer our lovely, quirky hotel – Cley Windmill – as a potential wedding venue for same-sex marriages. Elaine is always so helpful and good to work with, and it’s lovely to welcome couples to the windmill who have heard about us via her website and social media pages. Spread the word!!!" - Cley Windmill, Norfolk.


"By their very nature and variety, weddings are a joy, but we realise from talking to couples who visit us that arranging same-sex marriages can sometimes be marred by an undercurrent of tension. Pink Wedding Venues accreditation helps to underline right from the beginning that a wedding celebrates love, pure and simple. Every single wedding is different and that’s what we love about them. Pink Wedding Venues listing and accreditation helps to make that crystal clear so every couple can get the most from their Big Day, from beginning to end." - CEO of Ingliston Country Club & Hotel, Renfrewshire.


Is your venue visible and inclusive for same-sex couples? Would you like to attract the LGBTQ+ community? For tips on how to ensure your business is marketed well and has considered the LGBTQ community, please feel free to:- 

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